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  • Marius Tolzmann

    Marius Tolzmann

    Co-Founder at Mineiros.io β€” DevOps as a Service; working in infrastructure for over 20years, Cloud-Expert, DevOps Guy, Software- and Cloud-Architect.

  • Abhishek Sharma

    Abhishek Sharma

    Code Monkey πŸ’, Data Architect, Streaming Solutions, Distributed Systems, Kubernetes & Founder of SparseCode.io, github.com/abhioncbr

  • Ashish Patel

    Ashish Patel

    Cloud Architect β€’ 2x AWS Certified β€’ 5x Azure Certified β€’ 2x OCI Certified β€’ MCP β€’ .NET β€’ GCP β€’ Docker β€’ Kubernetes β€’ Terraform (https://bit.ly/aashishpatel)

  • Elena Neroslavskaya

    Elena Neroslavskaya

    Cloud Solution Architect and Technology Enthusiast

  • Imran Pochi

    Imran Pochi

  • Bouwe Ceunen

    Bouwe Ceunen

    ML/DevOps/Software/Blockchain Engineer

  • Binura Gunasekara

    Binura Gunasekara

    Software Engineer at Platformer | I write about Code, DevOps, and all things Kubernetes

  • CloudSploit


    Cloud Security as a Service - https://cloudsploit.com

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